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Cloud Native Check-Up

Cloud Native Check-Up

Six man days of consultancy with our special...

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The Cloud Native Check-up proposed by Kiratech ( consists of approximately 6 man days of consultancy with our Cloud Native specialists:
- 2 man days of preparation
- 2 man days of delivery
- 2 man days of preparation, drafting and discussion of the report that will be produced within 2 weeks following the delivery days.
Below you can find the information necessary for the best execution of the consultancy, regarding the consulting days and the activities to be carried out beforehand to prepare the audience for the topics addressed.

The intent of the delivery days is to define as precisely as possible the objectives that the project wants to achieve, what success criteria will qualify the results obtained, and what critical issues and risk factors will need to be considered. Subsequently, we’ll go in depth with some of the critical points that have emerged, or, if the situation is already sufficiently clear, we’ll summarize the situation and do a debriefing with the people involved in order to prioritize the next activities. Kiratech people will facilitate a discussion on these issues, and customer’s representatives involved will be asked to briefly (3-5 minutes) present their role in the company and how their area (or projects, or activities that follow) is involved in the software development process (at all levels, from design and analysis, to development, through to production, management, and issues related to the Cloud Native world, i.e. by way of example:
- process automation management, i.e., the approach also called infrastructure as code,
- the monitoring of distributed systems and Kubernetes-based platforms,
- the adoption of technologies pertaining to the Cloud Native ecosystem,
- the ways in which microservices are implemented to ensure their portability,
- the transition to Cloud Native or Cloud First systems.
Depending on what emerges, we will decide which aspects to go into more depth on to clarify all the implications and clearly identify what is the value to be delivered to the business, and with what priority. In this stage it is usually necessary to go deeper into the company's business model (and products), and therefore it is essential to have among the participants an audience that is representative of the entire company (or at least of a particular area).

At the end of the above-mentioned days, we will produce some elaborates.
- The main one, which will be generated during the analysis work, is a stream of use of the tools and platforms that the company has, from which will emerge the user stories and activities required daily to put into production and manage the software produced by the company: it usually has a rough form of diagrams on the whiteboard and flows represented as post-it notes.
- A succinct report with an outline of the plan for the subsequent activities, functional to the actual report proper - that is, a kind of written record of the day carried out.
- The report related to the actual Cloud Native Check-up.

Following the consulting days, normally within a couple of weeks, we will produce a paper, which has the concrete form of a technical report.
Report on the outcome of the Cloud Native Check-up
The Cloud Native Check-up outcome report contains the elements to set up the subsequent definition of the Cloud Native Strategy, or in general how to address the issues related to the aspects of software production and management. Normally the report contains:
1. an introduction on what has been done,
2. the client's current situation, with particular emphasis on the type of process analyzed,
3. the critical issues that emerged (which could be related to numerous aspects, e.g., more related to the tools and practices or vice versa, to processes and working method),
4. the proposals for improvement and an action plan,
5. the time and cost for a subsequent strategy definition or for a targeted intervention activity.



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