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Introduction to Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes

2 Days Course with Certificate of Completion an...

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Kubernetes is quickly becoming the de-facto standard to operate containerized applications at scale in the data-center. This course covers the fundamentals needed to understand Kubernetes and get quickly up-to-speed, to start building distributed applications that will scale, be fault-tolerant and simple to manage. The course also provides a Certificate of Completion. The course entails an hands-on lab on a cloud environment provided by Kiratech.

Course length: 2 days.
Available languages: English, Italian
The training will be delivered remotely

• Developers willing to build and deploy applications targeted to Kubernetes
• Software architects interested in building solutions based on Kubernetes
• Sysadmin and DevOps Engineers interested in managing the application lifecycle on a Kubernetes container platform

• Course Introduction to Containers or equivalent knowledge.
• Basic Linux administration skills
• Can work fluently on the command line
• Can edit files using a command-line text editor
• WiFi-enabled laptop
• Access to a Terminal and SSH client
• SSH network access to the cloud environment (Web access it not sufficient)
• GitHub account (hiips://

• Docker and Kubernetes: relationship, alternatives and CRI
• Deploy a real world multi-tier application with Kubernetes
• Kubernetes principles & core concepts
• Kubernetes for Docker users
• Deploying containers and Pods
• Handling configurations and Secrets
• Exposing your Services & service discovery
• Cloud-Native Architectures: Monitoring and Logging in the ephemeral world of containers



It’s the passion for our job that helps us in discovering new tendencies, anticipating the technological changing and continuously improving our services.


We strongly believe in people’s talent. Therefore, we invest a lot in out team’s competences through continuous training and extracurriculars.


We want to be the reference point for all our customers, following them in each single project development phase.


The key of our successes is the integrated technological approach between Cloud, DevOps and Security we propose to our customers for their internal projects.